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Key Stages 2 and 3 Curriculum

During Key Stages 2 and 3 our pupils experience a broad curriculum in which the following subjects are taught discreetly and through a topic framework covering the 7 years of this phase. Pupils have Literacy and Mathematics lessons every day and topic work in the afternoons covering all other areas of the curriculum. Physical Education is taught as a separate subject outside the topic framework.

• Literacy (Reading, Writing and Communication)
• Mathematics (Number, Shape, Using and Applying, Data Handling, Cognition and Problem Solving)
• Science
• Relationships and Sex Education
• Geography
• History
• Religious Studies
• Music
• Computing / Digital Technology
• Art and Design
• Design and Technology
• Physical Education

Each of the subject areas above has a designated curriculum area leader, who are then able to come together to work in teams when working on the semi-formal or informal curricula, in which individual subjects are merged within broader areas.

Depending on whether a pupil is following the Informal, Semi-formal or Formal pathway, each of these subjects will be taught more or less discreetly within topic framework. Subject specific and topic curricula for this phase are published on the school website. The website also contains documents showing how each subject is mapped within the informal and semi-formal curricula.

The topic framework serves 3 essential functions in the delivery of the BEA Land and Sea curriculum:

• It enables overlearning of key knowledge in Literacy and Numeracy in a fresh context every term
• It is uniquely relevant to our pupils, their area and their daily experience
• It links learning across the curriculum pathways so that pupils in different classes can share experiences

During this phase each topic has a defined Social, Moral, Cultural and Spiritual focus to support this broad development of the each pupil. Similarly, Computing / Digital Technology is covered across every topic.

At a classroom level teachers differentiate the curriculum for each pupil in their class, based on learning style and ability so that personal learning targets and EHCP targets are being addressed continually.

Please click the buttons below to view our Key Stage 2 and 3 Topic Framework, English Curriculum, Phonics and Reading Schemes

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