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Home to School Transport

Currently, our transport provider is Transport Connect.

They can be contacted via their main office at: 01205 364157 (Boston Depot) 

We have a very close and effective working relationship with Transport Connect and discuss with them the needs of all our pupils and best strategies to support them.

Transport Connect are commissioned by Lincolnshire County Council and as such the school does not hold responsibility or authority over their work.

Many families develop close relationships with the drivers and passenger assistants and for most children travel to and from school is a very enjoyable part of the day. Sometimes problems do arise and if you are unable to resolve this with a friendly chat to the transport team on your child’s bus, our Moving & Handling and Therapy Co-ordinator, Kayleigh Tooby is always available to help.

If your child is not coming into school on any day, please do remember to let the transport know, as well as informing school.

Further information on SEN Transport and the Local Authority’s Transport Policy can be found following this link:

You can also contact Transport Services via:
Transport Customer Service Centre
County Offices
Tel: 01522 782020 (Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm)
Fax: 01522 516054
For any further information, please contact us in school on 01205 345054 or email us on:

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