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Signs of the Week

We work hard to enhance our communication provision at BEA

As you will know, we regularly use signing as one of our main approaches for supporting the development of pupil communication in school.

Signing has many benefits including:

• building communication and language development
• developing focus and attention skills
• developing relationships

Signed helps to empower pupils to express what they want to say and to alleviate frustration.

Signs of the Week

Every week, we will publish our ‘signs of the week’ below and on our social media pages. Pupils will experience these signs in the classroom throughout the week and it would be great if you could use them at home too. We hope that you find them useful. 

 22nd April 2024


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‘Sign’ documents to download:

  20th May 2024

  6th May 2024

  22nd April 2024

  25th MARCH 2024

  18th MARCH 2024

  11th MARCH 2024

  4th MARCH 2024

  26th February 2024

  19th February 2024

  5th February 2024

  29th January 2024

  22th January 2024

  8th January 2024

  15th January 2024

            11th December 2023

            4th December 2023

            27th November 2023

            20th November 2023

            13th November 2023

            6th November 2023

            16th October 2023

             9th October 2023

             2nd October 2023

             25th September 2023

             18th September 2023

             11th September 2023

             17th July 2023

10th July 2023

3rd July 2023

26th June 2023

19th June 2023

12th June 2023

5th June 2023

22nd May 2023

15th May 2023

8th May 2023

2nd May 2023

24th April 2023

17th April 2023

27th March 2023

20th March 2023

13th March 2023

  4th MARCH 2024

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