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Independent Living

The term career is synonymous with job or occupation. However, at BEA, we have a broader meaning. We define careers as all aspects of roles that an individual will encounter within their lives. This includes our students moving on to social care or supported living placements. Our school curriculum supports our pupils to develop independence skills to support them to reach their full potential in adulthood.

Independence is taught within some set lessons such as PSD, daily routines such as snack or looking good (personal hygiene session), working on individual student targets and community access opportunities.

The following areas highlight the knowledge and skills that are taught discretely across the whole school curriculum:


– Making choices
– Recognising own possessions
– Dressing and selecting clothes
– Eating
– Toileting
– Personal hygiene


– Road safety
– Walking and physical development
– Using money
– Recognising and using community facilities
– Stranger danger
– Travel training


– Cooking
– Preparing drinks and snacks
– Household tasks and cleaning
– Laundry
– Shopping
– Budgeting
– Home safety including fire safety

All students have the opportunity to regularly engage in activities within the community that develop social and independent living skills which prepare them for future destinations, whether that is a career, independent living or social care pathway.

It is important for our Post14 students to engage with a range of Post 19 settings to build new social relationships and develop their understanding of Post 19 options. By engaging with a range of career, further education and social care provision, students and staff are able to contribute to making an informed decision about their future.

Students on an Independent Living Pathway follow the AQA curriculum – click the button below for more details. 

Click below for AQA Careers & Independence Curriculum and other documents you can download to help support your child at home:

Developing cutlery skills
Developing dressing skills
Developing feeding skills
Independence & Careers Home Skills Booklet
Parent Resource Booklet to support independence skills at home
Sensory teeth cleaning strategies
Self care skills - buttons and zips
Self care skills - shoelaces
Self care skills - toileting

AQA Careers & Independence Curriculum

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