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Key Stages 4 and 5 Curriculum

Our Post 14 curriculum provides pupils with the knowledge required to best prepare them for life after school, maximizing their independence.

We have created our curriculum around a 5-year cycle which ensures that all key skills and essential knowledge are covered to enable our students to successfully transition from adolescence into adulthood.

We have a key focus on life skills throughout the curriculum offer, whilst also continuing their prior and embedded knowledge to support continuous progression throughout their time at Boston Endeavour Academy. The curriculum for Post 14 encompasses an adapted study programme which identifies the needs and interests of the pupils, incorporating life skills with everything we deliver.

To ensure there is fluidity throughout the students learning journey, the students are baselined using the BEA Curriculum in key stage 2 and access a pathway that is most suited to meet their needs (see curriculum policy for pathways). To ensure continuity of learning, our Post 14 students follow the White Rose Maths scheme, continuing on the medium term plan which is implemented throughout the school and specific to the individuals stage of learning. In addition to this, we offer a minimum of four weekly Read Write Inc or Accelerated Reader sessions which work alongside a weekly English lesson focusing on the topic for that term.

As the students transition into Post 14, they are enrolled on the AQA Unit Award Scheme where their achievement is accredited. In addition to this, students will have their English and Maths supplemented with NCFE Entry Level qualifications. To ensure the students continue to progress, their prior knowledge and learning will inform the level of Award and Qualification they access. We assess the data for individual student’s achievements through a termly assessment grid, identifying their expected levels of achievement for each subject area and their current levels of achievement. This enables us to ambitiously offer additional challenge to all students.

Careers and employability is a major focus of the Key Stage 4 and 5 curriculum and we ascribe to the Gatsby framework. Careers education has been integrated into units throughout the rest of the school preparing students for this final stage of their schooling.

In these contexts the pupils build their portfolio of skills for AQA and ASDAN accreditation at their relevant level, learning to apply the Literacy, Communication, Numeracy and Problem Solving skills they have established in earlier Key Stages. Their practical, locally focussed curriculum from Early Years to Key Stage 3 has made them familiar with the context they live in and provides them with a secure base from which to apply prior learning.

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