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Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Development at Boston Endeavour Academy

Boston Endeavour Academy (BEA) is a diverse community in which difference is respected and celebrated. We aim to be an example to our community in how people can live together harmoniously, treat one another courteously, enjoy each other’s customs and interests and share and celebrate beliefs openly.
Our school rewards system, hosted by the DoJo platform, is a tool for recognising effort and achievement in all 4 areas of the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) curriculum at BEA. This curriculum is both explicit through subject study and enrichment opportunities at the school and implicit in our values and ethos.

Social Development

Pupils’ social development is supported by the targeted issuing of rewards for acts of ‘kindness’ or ‘friendship’ within the school rewards system.
Opportunities for social development are offered throughout the curriculum through groupwork in many classes but particularly through PE and the creative arts.

We have a very extensive programme of community engagement which contributes to social awareness and pro-social behaviours including visits to local café’s, restaurants, the town library, local shops and parks; partnerships with local mainstream schools, especially our neighbours at St Nicholas Primary School and Boston College; partnerships with adult service providers including Thera, Thistles and Glass House Farm.

The school is working towards achieving Caring2Learn award evidencing our commitment to our vulnerable children achieving a sense of belonging as a vital prerequisite to successful learning and development.

Moral Development

Pupils’ moral development is supported by the targeted issuing of rewards for ‘making the right choice’ and ‘following the rules’ within the school rewards system.

Opportunities for moral development are emphasised throughout the school day and in the school’s approach to behaviour management which is led by the concept of personal responsibility. Relationships, Health and Sex Education is a highly developed area of the curriculum and an essential vehicle for teaching children about respectful relationships.

We have close links with the local police, fire and ambulance services, local surgeries and Pilgrim hospital who provide guidance on safe choice making. Other agencies from the charity and services sectors such as the Dog’s Trust and Anglian Water support us in enabling our pupils to become more aware of caring and responsible behavioural choices.

The school is working towards the Food4Life award which emphasises ethical choice making and stewardship of the environment as does the development of our Forest School activities.

Spiritual Development

Pupils’ spiritual development is supported by our understanding of how Mindfulness supports the spiritual wellbeing of all of our pupils. The qualities of ‘thoughtfulness’ and ‘reflection’ are noted and reinforced through the school rewards system.

In all classes time is taken to pause, observe and reflect, developing an appreciation of the world around us and a sense of wonder and awe. Our close links with Holy Trinity Church and Boston Stump, our class and whole school assemblies enable our pupils to explore a sense of spirituality beyond themselves and their place in the world. Meditation and Yoga are used in many classes as well as structured Religious Studies programmes to develop awareness of the world’s major faiths.

Cultural Development

Pupils’ cultural development is recognised by the targeted use of ‘creativity’ and ‘participation’ achievement awards through our school rewards system.

The school has an active programme of cultural activities linked to our Artsmark silver status and work towards future accreditation at the same or higher level. Recent events have included performing as part of a Shakespeare festival at Lincoln Drill Hall and Young Voices at Sheffield Arena. More locally we have close creative relationships with Boston Library where pupils attend ‘rhyme time’, Blackfriars theatre and the Biz.

Our sporting partners include TJs Gym, P and R Stables, Geoff Moulder and PRSA Swimming Pools, Boston Tennis Club and Boston Bowl who support us in developing life-long healthy living habits in our pupils.

We are a multi-cultural community and value the cultural capital that our pupils bring to the school. We encourage parental involvement in the life of the school and have had our collective life enriched through the sharing by families of special foods, music, customs and celebrations.

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