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More horticulture news!

More horticulture news!

Horticulture news at Boston Endeavour Academy

An update to our recent horticulture story, local business – Adventures In Wood, have supported BEA providing us with 5 planters, a bench and a table. Thank you so much!

Willoughby Road Allotments have supported the horticulture project again! They recently held a ‘Charity Race Night’ and have donated £400 of the monies raised to BEA. Thank you!

Our target to reach in order to provide the pupils with the equipment they need to have a fully functioning horticulture area is £8,545.15. We are pleased to report we are now on a running total of £2,316.53!

The items we are looking to purchase are:

  • Wheelchair friendly matting
  • Woodchip protective layering
  • Top Soil
  • Raised Beds
  • A Greenhouse
  • A Rabbit Hutch
  • Water butts
  • A Chicken Run
  • A Polytunnel
  • A Storage Shed
  • Garden benches
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